Welcome to Contractor-X

We provide full masonry services for homeowners, contractors, realtors and property managers in the Wisconsin area. As a grandson to a senior mason and a son to a master carpenter, mixed with a strict German upbringing, it is my nature to provide the highest quality service while maintaining a strong sense of urgency. Your project is our main focus. What’s wrong? Why is this happening? What are the options on getting it done? Contractor-X is mason owned and operated business. Nothing compares to years in the field to help me fully understand what needs to be done and the best way to accomplish it. From the start of every job, we provide a high level of communication to best design the details of your project and match a price to fit your needs. My team of experienced professionals oversee all projects with a hands-on daily site foreman approach - paying strict attention to all the details that other companies tend to overlook.

Masonry is an Art that’s been around for centuries. We understand the best ways to Rebuild it, Restore it, Customize it, and Maintain it. Our team is continually training to improve methods, operations and use the newest technologies in our field. Some projects are more involved than others, but we appreciate all jobs and give them as much attention as needed to accomplish the mutual goal. We are experienced and enthusiastic about our craft. We look forward to the opportunity to help create something special for you. To us it’s not just a chimney, a brick wall, a patio or a glamorous kitchen, it’s about building a place where life is a little better.


To build again. Deconstruct the original & reassemble with new materials bringing it back to new.


Carefully analyze the problem. Remove the deterioration & reassemble back to original.


Change or alter an original to structurally or visually make better.


To Inspect and Preserve catching minor repairs before they grow costly. Prolong the life.